Voice Conversion Challenge 2018

Compare different voice conversion systems and approaches using the same voice data!

Tasks of the 2nd Challenge

The objective is speaker conversion, which is a well-known basic problem in voice conversion. We have prepared two tasks:
  • Other voices of the same source speakers will be provided later as test data consistsing of around 50 sentences for each speaker. Each participant will generate converted voices from them using the developed 16 conversion systems.
  • The resulting 16 converted voice sets will be evaluated in terms of perceived naturalness and similarity through listening tests.

    We focus on 22.05 kHz speech and signal-to-signal conversion strategies. No transcriptions will be provided for the test set, and the use of manual annotations is NOT allowed (check the rules section for more detailed information). Participants are free of using additional data (for training purposes).

    << Important changes compared to the 1st challenge >>

    There are some important changes regarding rules and listening tests compared to the 2016 challenge:


    The tentative schedule is as follows:

    How to Participate?

    There is no fee for registration. Please register your team at the following page by September 29th if you want to participate in the challenge.


    Participants need to follow strictly the Challenge rules. Please read carefully the following page:

    Voice Conversion Challenge 2018 Rules



    This work was supported in part by


    Contact information: vcc2018__at__vc-challenge.org