Summary of VCC 2016

Details of VCC 2016 are described in the following papers:

The following materials are freely available:

VCC 2016 Dataset

VCC 2016 Dataset was developed using DAPS (Data And Production Speech). Experimental conditions of VCC 2016 is shown here.

VC Systems

Baseline System

The baseline system was developed using freely available software: VCtools within FestVox.

Submitted VC Systems

17 teams developed their own VC systems as shown here.

(NOTE: This table may not be correct, and some parts would be updated.)

Voice Samples

You can listen to several voice samples converted by the individual systems.
If you want to listen to more samples, such as intra-gender conversion, please go to this page.
(NOTE: It would take some to open the page due to many voice samples.)

Examples of male-to-female conversion:
  System A  
  System B  
  System C  
  System D  
  System E  
  System F  
  System G  
  System H  
  System I  
  System J  
  System K  
  System L  
  System M  
  System N  
  System O  
  System P  
  System Q  

Overall Resuts of Listening Tests

The results of listening tests are shown below.

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