Voice Conversion Challenge

We are glad to invite you to participate in the 1st Voice Conversion Challenge to compare different voice conversion systems and approaches using the same voice data.

Summary of Voice Convesion Challenge 2016

Task of the 1st Challenge

The task is speaker conversion, which is a well-known basic task in voice conversion.

We focus on 16 kHz speech and signal-to-signal conversion strategies. No transcription will be provided and the use of phonetic information given manually is NOT allowed. Participants are free of using additional data (for training purposes) different from the database from which the speakers corpora will be provided.


The tentative schedule is as follows:

How to Participate?

There is no fee for registration. We invite however participants to notify your intention to participate by November 23rd.

Please email to vcc2016@vc-challenge.org if you want to participate in the challenge. Although we will start to realease the training data on November 25th, we will also accept the entry for a while after that.

⇒ The registration is now closed.


Participants need to strictly follow the Challenge rules. Please carefully read the following page:

Voice Conversion Challenge 2016 Rules


Summary of the Challenge is shown in the following page:

Summary of Voice Conversion Challenge 2016


This work was supported in part by


Contact information: vcc2016@vc-challenge.org